The Accord is comprised of representatives from the following groups:

  • NSW Police – Miranda LAC (Non-voting member)
  • Sutherland Shire Council (Non-voting member)
  • Licensed Premises (Voting members)
  • Guest Speakers (Non-voting members)

Executive Positions

The Miranda Accord has three executive positions.

  1. Coordinator
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary

The coordinator is responsible for making sure the appropriate people are notified about the meeting, supervises the agenda, formally declares the meeting open, becomes familiar with any correspondence, welcomes and introduces members, guest speakers and visitors, chairs the meeting including ensuring the meeting is conducted impartially and signs any document requiring identification.

The main role of the treasurer is to collect money if required i.e. membership fees, keeps the funds safe and separate from other funds, accounts for funds and provides the committee with a regular statement of income and expenditure.

The secretary is responsible for preparing the agenda in consultation with the chairperson, sending out the notices of the meeting to those entitled to attend, circulates the minutes of the previous meeting, takes accurate minutes of the meeting, responsible for all correspondence coming in and going out of the Accord and keeps appropriate records.

General Membership

Membership of the Accord is voluntary in nature. Each member of the Accord has a role to play in ensuring the implementation of the Accords action plan. Participation in all strategies and attendance at Accord meetings is encouraged.

Annual membership fees will be collected at the beginning of each financial year. All fees received go into a pool of funds used to support Accord projects and initiatives.


All members of the Shire Accords meet at general meetings which are currently held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 10am, at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking. Additional meetings are scheduled for specific events, for example to offer training to staff members or to discuss new legislation.

At Accord meetings, members from the executive committee present information to the Accord members on incoming correspondence, upcoming events and other relevant information i.e. legislative changes and how this impacts on licensed premises.

The forum provides an opportunity for:

  • Licensees to receive advice and information from local Police officers on prevalent local issues and any legislative changes. Vice versa this forum allows licensed premises to raise concerns or seek clarification in relation to policing practices and the law.
  • Licensees to obtain information from Council officers on upcoming initiatives, changes to Council procedures which directly impacts on licensed premises and any other relevant information.
  • Licensees to receive information from a number of industry experts through the provision of presentations at Accord meetings.
  • Accord initiatives and strategies to be developed and implemented.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will occur on the 1st Tuesday in July annually.