1. Advocate to Government bodies in relation to liquor laws and other related topics.
  2. Reach agreements on ways to improve the operation of licensed venues so that entertainment venues and precincts are safe and enjoyable.
  3. Educate staff, security and students on a variety of alcohol related topics through a number of education campaigns including training nights, media publications and talks in local high schools.
  4. Develop initiatives and projects around issues such as drink driving, Responsible Service of Alcohol, identification of fake ID’s, supply of alcohol to minors and ensuring patrons have a safe and secure way of getting home.
  5. Respond to situational issues/incidents when they come to the attention of the Accord i.e. intoxicated people running out onto a main street every Friday and Saturday night.
  6. Develop partnerships with other key stakeholders including NSW Police, Local Council, youth service providers, schools, community-based sporting clubs, government departments and general community to reduce alcohol related incidents in the community.