Junior Rugby League Grand Final this weekend at Southern Cross Group Stadium


With the Junior Rugby League grand final on this weekend we’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate all who participated in this year’s season and to give a couple of quick reminders about appropriate behaviour so this event can be enjoyed by all.

Not only is Sunday 4th of September the junior grand final, but it’s also Father’s Day and a fantastic chance for families to celebrate together.

Last year’s Grand Final saw behaviour that was unacceptable. Appropriate changes have been made to this years event that aim to ensure there is no repeat of this and that everyone can enjoy what should be a great day.

Regardless of the result of the game, support your team and remember that good sportsmanship is a great idea. Treat other team members, support staff and supporters with the respect you’d like them to show to you and your team.

Two bars will be open in the stadium from 1.30pm until half time in the first grade game but there will be a few conditions imposed:

  • 2 cup maximum purchase at any tim
  • Only mid and light strength beer will be available

Bag checks will be conducted upon entry to the stadium and should any prohibited items be found you will be refused entry for the entire day. It’s not worth it so just leave the contraband at home.

While at the stadium or if you go out afterwards just remember that the bar staff, management and security teams have a job to do and deserve your respect. They just want you to enjoy your time out and get home safely.


Image via The Leader.