How to find a Shire Accords venue


In the Sutherland Shire we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to venues to dine, drink and have a great time in. But all venues are not created equal and that’s why we strongly suggest you find a Shire Accords venue to spend your time in.


Firstly, what is the Shire Accords?

The Shire Accords is a group of local licensees & venue owners who work with community stakeholders to reduce harm associated with the sale of liquor.

The Accord is targeted at all licensed premises in the Miranda LAC including clubs, hotels, restaurants, bottle-shops and community based sporting clubs.


The MLA mission is:

  • To create a safe community without the need to resort to increased regulation and enforcement
  • To reduce the incidence of alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises
  • To enhance the general amenity in and around licensed premises, and general accord area
  • To build solid partnerships between licensees, community, Council, Police, schools, youth service providers, sporting clubs and other relevant stakeholders
  • To promote responsible service, consumption and supply of alcohol and prevent harm arising from alcohol consumption
  • To promote patron awareness of current legislation and provide ongoing education to staff on Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and other relevant topics


Why a Shire Accords venue?

Venues that are members of the Shire Accords are dedicating to ensuring that while you have a fantastic time while in their premises, you also get home safely. Accord members understand that as a patron you have the right to enjoy drinking socially as long as you don’t interfere with the enjoyment and rights of other people. They are there to ensure the responsible service of alcohol and the safety of their staff.

And, as an added bonus, members of the MLA have a responsibility and key role to play in improving and maintaining their premises and surrounds – that means more enjoyable venues for you to spend time in.


How can you find a MLA member venue?

Well, this just got a whole lot easier. All MLA members now have their Accord stickers and they should be displayed clearly at the entrance to their venue or licensed premises. Just look for the Shire Accords member sticker.

You can learn more about the MLA, how to become a member venue and what it all means for licensed venues and the community here, or join our growing Facebook community and stay in the know of what is happening in and around the local area and what our MLA venues are up to.