Cronulla Beach Police Blitz


Underage drinking and antisocial behaviour near Cronulla beach are being targeted for the next month by Miranda Police and the Police Transport Command.

Cronulla Park will get most attention. Police say they have noticed an increase in groups of young people using the rail corridor to congregate along the beach front.

Miranda Local Area Commander Superintendent Michael O’Toole said, “It is not acceptable for parents to unleash their drunken children into the community and make them someone else’s problem.

‘Ignorant or irresponsible’

“The few adults or parents that give children alcohol to take to social events are clearly ignorant of the risks and grossly irresponsible.”

Superintendent O’Toole said there are hefty fines for adults supplying alcohol to minors – ranging from $350 to $1100.

Police will issue penalty notices to any young persons detected committing offences.